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“Like A Bomb Going Off” on Wendy Perron’s 2015 Book List

Author and Dance Magazine editor Wendy Perron lists “especially engaging” dance books of 2015.

From the list:

Leonid Yakobson and Ballet as Resistance in Soviet Russia
By Janice Ross
Published by Yale University Press
An unabashed provocateur, Leonid Yacobson (1904–1975) was one of the leading choreographers of Russia for decades. He was a favorite of both Plisetskaya and Baryshnikov, but his work was considered too sexy (close embraces were called pornographic), too modernist, or too Western for the Soviet authorities. That he survived the Stalin purges was amazing. In the ’70s he created many inventive works for his company, Choreographic Miniatures, but the troupe was forbidden to tour. The Soviet strikes against him were constant, and Ross highlights his heroism in standing against the totalitarian regime. A must-read for anyone interested in the development of Soviet ballet.

“Leonid Yakobson Rediscovered” – review of performance and author talk at 92nd Street Y

Bonnie Rosenstock reviews a Fridays at Noon discussion and performance at the 92nd Street Y’s Harkness Dance Center titled “The Hidden Erotic Body of Soviet Ballet: A Tribute to Leonid Yakobson on the 40th Anniversary of his Death (1904-1971).” Janice Ross delivered a lecture about Yakobson’s legacy and life drawn from her book Like a Bomb Going Off: Leonid Yakobson and Ballet as Resistance in Soviet Russia, and trainees of the San Francisco Ballet School danced sections of Yakobson’s repertory in an open-rehearsal style with feedback from the repetiteurs and a discussion.

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